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Industrial and Construction Iron

Industrial and Construction Iron

۲۴ مهر, ۱۳۹۸

Types of stainless steel industrial and construction sheets and alloys Used:

Food Industry, Oil Platforms, Drilling Rigs, Spherical Pressure Tanks, Desulfurization Tanks, Ceiling Tanks, Single and Double Wall Floats, LPG Fixed Tanks and Water Tube Boilers, Coils Heating boilers for hot water and oils, separation towers and distillation towers, absorption chillers, filter separators, dispensers, launchers and receivers for excavators, scrubbers and petrochemical gas and refineries

In alloys:

ST 37, ST 37-2, A516 GR 60.70, 17MN4, ST 52, ST44, Hll, A283.C, A285.C, A312 GR 304.316.321

Types of iron beams:

Beam, Slim Beam, Half Pair Beam, Flat Wing Beam, Honeycomb Beam


Corner, Studs, Tricolor, Rebar, Quad, Hexagon, Straps, Profiles, Column Plate, Bolt, Robits

Angle, U-Channel, T, Rod, Round Six High, Round Four High, Bar, Bolt

Industrial and Construction Iron