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Gate Valves

Gate Valves

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Valves used to completely shut off the flow of liquids and gases.

Gate valves

One of the valves used to completely shut off the flow of fluid is called a gate valve. These valves cannot be used to regulate the flow because it disrupts the direction and speed of the flow in the disk and In addition, due to their trapezoidal conductors, the cross-sectional area of ​​the valve opening is not proportional to the number of laps in the valve, and therefore precise adjustment of fluid passage is more difficult than other valves. It is also more difficult to repair the disk and their seat due to the trapezoidal shape
Gate valves are divided into two types:



In this type of valve, when the handle is rotated, the stem portion of the stem is removed from the handle so that the valve is open or closed, and because the valve is always in place, the stem is impactable.


In this type of valve, when the handle is rotated, the gear portion of the stem rotates inside the disk and the disk is in the bead shape, so the disk rotates up and down the handle. That the milk is completely open and closed. The ribs are not easily lubricated and, as they are in contact with the liquid, it causes corrosion, but the stalks remain protected when removed from the handle and the packing layer is worn out later.

Flosteer Gate Valves are Rising Spindle, Outside Screw & Yoke Type construction. Flosteer Gate valves are provided with smooth machined full bore and full opening of wedge eliminates additional pressure drop across the valve. Solid wedge, Flexible wedge, Split wedge, and Parallel wedge designs offer maximum flexibility and option to clients for their suitable selection. Specially designed seat and gland packing materials are provided for superheated steam and high temperature Thermic fluid to trouble free service, easy operation and longer life. Deep stuffing box is providing to assure tightness and maximum packing life. A separate properly machined and lapped back seat facilities are provided for replacement of Gland packing when valve is in stream under pressure.

Stellited trims are provided for all above 600# as a manufacturing standard of “FLOSTEER” valves and in lower rating also on request. Flosteer also offer extra long, extended bonnet Gate valve for low temperature and cryogenic services. Antifriction thrust bearing is provided in yoke sleeve for higher sizes and classes.

FLOSTEER Gate valves are available under any Third party inspection including IBR (Indian Boiler Regulation).

Flosteer Gate Valves are also available with Gear, Pneumatic Cylinder, Electrical Actuator operated along with accessories like Solenoid, Limit Switch, Air Filter Regulator etc.

Gate Valves