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شیر یکطرفه – Ball Valves

شیر یکطرفه – Ball Valves

۲ اسفند, ۱۳۹۵

شیرهائی که به منظورجلوگیری از باز گشت مایعات وگاز ها بکار می رود

( CHECK VALVE ) شیر یکطرفه

معمولا بعد از تلمبه ها قرار می گیردتا چنانچه تلمبه به علت نقص فنی از کار افتاد و

یا جریان مایع قطع شد ، شیر بسته شده و مایع بر نگردد.

شیر یک طرفه دارای انواع مختلفی است :



نوعی شیر یکطرفه است ، در جاهائی که آب از عمق بسیار زیاد به بیرون کشیده می شود،

قبل از تلمبه بر روی لوله ورودی ، این شیر را کار می گذارند تا وقتی تلمبه از کار ایستاد

لوله ورودی تلمبه از مایع تخلیه نگردد ، و قبل از این شیر ، صافی قرار می گیرد تا آب

از صافی بگذرد وباعث فرسودگی تلمبه نشود

Check Valves (Non Return Valve)

Swing Check Valve
Duel Plate Check Valve
Wafer Type Check Valve (Plate Type)
Disc Check Valve
Flap Type Check Valve
Forged Steel Lift Check Valve
Cast Steel Lift Check Valve

Swing Check Valves

Flosteer Swing check valves are ideally suitable for vertical and horizontal application. A range of Check Valves (Non-Return Valves) suitable for oil, gas, water, refining, power and chemical applications where the prevention of flow reversal is mandatory. Flosteer Check Valves are Bolted cover design up to 600# and above pressure seal design.

Stellited trims are provided for all above 600# as a manufacturing standard of “FLOSTEER” valves and in lower rating also on request.

FLOSTEER Swing Check valves are available under any Third party inspection including IBR (Indian Boiler Regulation). Swing Check valves can be supplied with Titling disc design, Counter weight or Dash pot arrangement.

Design Standard BS 1868/API 6D
Inspection & Testing Standard BS 6755/API 6D
Face To Face As Per ANSI B 16.10
End Connection Flanged End To ANSI B 16.5/BS 10 Table
Buttweld End To ANSI B 16.25
Size Range ۱″ To 24″
Pressure Rating ۱۵۰# To 1500#


Material Specification:
Body / Cover / Hinge ASTM A 216 GR. WCB
ASTM A 217 GR. WC1/WC6/WC9/WC11
ASTM A 351 GR. CF 8 /CF 8M/CF 3/CF 3M/CN 7M
IS 210 GR. FG 200/220/250/260
Disc AISI 410 (13% Cr.) /AISI 304/316/304L/316L/Alloy 20
Seat AISI 410 (13% Cr.) /AISI 304/316/304L/316L/Alloy 20
Hinge Pin AISI 410 (13% Cr.) /AISI 304/316/304L/316L/Alloy 20
Gasket CAF/Grafoil/S.S. Spiral Wound With CAF/Grafoil/P.T.F.E.
Disc Lock Nut A 194 GR. 2H/S.S. 304/316
Stud & Nut ASTM A 193 GR. B7/ A 194 GR. 2H/S.S. 304/316


Dual Plate Check Valve (NRV)

Flosteer Dual Plate, Wafer Check Valve has One Piece cast heavy stronger Body configuration provides reduced weight and size compare to a swing check valve or lift check valve. This results savings in Initial cost, space and pipe support element installation.

The Dual Plate, Wafer Check Valve employs two-spring-loaded plates hinged on a central hinge pin. When the flow decreases, the plates close by the action of torsion spring before flow reversal takes place. All features put together make the Dual Plate Check Valve as the most efficient & versatile design. It is also referred to as SILENT CHECK VALVE

It is much easier to install between standard gaskets and line flanges, and therefore is more cost effective to install and to maintain.

Its design complies with API 594 and API 6D, testing with API 598.


  • Light Weight, Versatile Design, and 80 to 90% lighter then conventional full body check valve.
  • Reduces pipe supports, simplifies piping, easier, less costly installation.
  • Spring Loaded double door design has low cracking pressure.
  • Disc open 80% to ensure positive closing
  • Materials and trims available for all services within temperature range.
  • Rubber To Metal or Metal To Metal Seat available
  • Neoprene, Buna-N, EPDM, Viton®, Silicon etc.
Design Standard API 6D / API 594
Testing Standard API 598
Pressure Class ۱۵۰# to 300#
End Connection Wafer Type, Flangeless
Suitable To Mount Between
ANSI B 16.5/BS 10 Table/DIN/JIS/IS Flange


Body IS 210 GR. FG 200/220
ASTM A 217 GR. WC 1 / WC 6 /WC 9 / WC 11
ASTM A 352 GR. LCB / LC 3
ASTM A 351 GR. CF 8 / CF 8M / CF 3/CF 3M
Disc ASTM A 216 GR. WCB
ASTM A 217 GR. WC 1 / WC 6 /WC 9 / WC 11
ASTM A 352 GR. LCB / LC 3
ASTM A 351 GR. CF 8 / CF 8M / CF 3/CF 3M
Hinge/Stop Pin AISI 410 / 304 / 316 / 304L / 316L
Seat (Moulded) Neoprene / Nitrile / Buna-N/ NBR / EPDM /Silicon / Viton
Spring : S.S. 304 / 316 / 304L / 316 L
Lifting Hook : C.S. / S.S 304 / 316

Wafer Type Check Valve (Plate Type)

Flosteer Wafer Type Check Valve has short face-to-face dimensions and low weight allows a simple space saving installation between the companion flanges. The valves are suitable to mounting between weld neck or slip on type companion flanges of different standards.

They are specially developed for applications where a low-pressure loss is essential. Opening and closing of the valve will take place at an extremely low-pressure difference over the valve disc. The eccentric disc shaft combination with the disc seat guarantees a positive shut off returning media. Wafer check valves are becoming the preferred type of check valve for most applications, due to their compact design and relatively low cost.


Body Type: Single Plate, Short Type
Suitable For Horizontal and Vertical Mounting
Shorter overall length, mounting requires minimum space.
Low Pressure Drop
Easy to Install
Less Weight
Maintenance Free
End Connection: Wafer Type, Flangeless
Size Range : 1” To 42”
Pressure Rating: 150#
Seat Leakage: Zero Leakage, Tight Shut Off
Temperature Range : -250 To + 2000 C
Mounting Between: ANSI B 16.5 / BS 10 /DIN /IS/JIS Flanges
Design Standard: API 6D
Testing: API 598
Face To Face: ANSI B 16.10

Disc Check Valve

Flosteer Disc Check Valves feature a wafer type, compact and rugged cast steel design and are suitable for any process liquid, air, gas, steam etc. Disc check valves are opened by the pressure of fluid and closed through compression spring as soon as flow stops thus preventing reverse flow.

Advantage of these check valve is they can be mount between pipe flanges in any direction. Body Seat available in Metal-to-Metal and Soft seat also.


Compact & Rugged Design
Less Weight
Easy To Installation
Maintenance Free
Zero Leakage (In Soft Seat)


Design Standard DIN EN 558-2
Testing Standard DIN 3230 / API 598
End Connection Wafer Type, Flangeless
Suitable To Mount Between
ANSI B 16.5/BS 10 Table/DIN/JIS/IS Flange
Rating ۱۵۰# to 300#
Size Range ۱۵MM to 100MM


Body ASTM A 216 GR. WCB
ASTM A 351 GR. CF 8 /CF 8M / CF 3 / CF 3M
Star Guide : ASTM A 216 GR. WCB
ASTM A 351 GR. CF 8 /CF 8M / CF 3 / CF 3M
Seat Metal To Metal – Integral Body –S.S. 304/316/304L/316L
Soft Seat – P.T.F.E./Neoprene/EPDM/Nitrile/Buna-N/Silicon/Viton
Disc ASTM A 351 GR. CF 8 /CF 8M / CF 3 / CF 3M
Spring : S.S. 304 / 316 / 304L / 316L
Circlip : S.S. 304 / 316 / 304L / 316L


Flap Type Check Valve

Rubber Lined & Unlined

Flosteer Flap Type Check Valves are available in Two Piece Body Construction with Rubber Lining or Without Lining. Flosteer Designed Flap Type Check Valves gives Zero Leakage due to Rubber Moulded Flap Disc.

Design & Testing Std. Mfg. Standard
Pressure Rating PN 7
End Connection Flanged End
Drilling As Per ANSI B 16.5/BS 10 Table/DIN/JIS/IS Std.
Leakage Class Class VI (Zero Leakage)


Body / End Piece IS 210 GR. FG 200 / 200
S.G. Iron / Ductile Iron
Flap Disc C.S./S.S. With Neoprene/EPDM/Nitrile/NBR/Silicon/Viton Rubber Lined
Fasteners C.S. / ASTM A 193 GR. B7/ A 194 GR. 2H / S.S. 304 / 316
Rubber Lining Neoprene/EPDM/Ebonite/Hypalon/Silicon/Viton
Lining Thickness – ۳٫۰mm Minimum
Lining Test (Spark Test) – ۱۵ KV DC


Forged Steel Lift Check Valve

Flosteer Lift Type Check Valves are designed to reduce the flow resistance and pressure drop to the minimum possible extend. Lift check valves are suitable to mount in horizontal position only. Accurately machined, lapped and screwed in seat ring ensures tight shut of and long life. The valve disc is perfectly designed, accurately machined and guided for efficient automatic shut off at zero pressure. As an option seat can b weld deposited or integrated with body in case of stainless steel and other high alloy metals.

Flosteer Lift Check Valves are available from size range 1” t 12” in Flanged End / Butt Weld End Connection, generally in all material of construction and up to 600# pressure rating.

شیر یکطرفه – Ball Valves