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شیرهای پروانه ای – Butterfly Valve

شیرهای پروانه ای – Butterfly Valve

۲ اسفند, ۱۳۹۵
Butterfly Valve

شیرهای پروانه ای

شیر پروانه ای در مواقعی که تنظیم جریان ( دو فازی ) مطرح است استفاده

می شوند، در این نوع شیر قطع کامل جریان مورد نظر نبوده وداشتن نشت مشکل

ایجاد نمی کند . از بدنه ، محور ، فنر ودو نیم دایره ویا یک دایره کامل که هر

کدام تقریبا ۹۰ درجه روی محور می توانند گردش نمایند تشکیل شده است.


Flosteer Slim-Seal, Center design High Performance Butterfly Valves are reliable, maintenance free shutoff with permanently gas-tight seal with an integrally moulded/replaceable elastomers body liner. These butterfly valves excess other conventional valves such as gate valve and globe valves in all aspects, especially in terms of light weight, less number of component, no flange gaskets required and economical operation and maintenance costs.

Flosteer body seat mechanism offer a very low torque, tight shut off with zero leakage, compact actuator selection, and long life service. The slim-seal design valves are widely available with different combination of body, seat & disc materials to satisfy the need of most industrial application.

Butterfly Valve


  • Center Disc, Slim-Seal Design
  • Moulded/Replaceable Seat option
  • Double Gland Sealing Arrangement
  • Permanently tight closure
  • Materials for almost all media
  • Short Face To Face, Wafer Design Body
  • Smooth, Easy, Maintenance Free Version
  • Less Weight, Easy To Install

Flosteer also offer Off Set Disc Design Butterfly Valve for high pressure and temperature with seat material P.T.F.E., Silicon, Viton, NBR, Nitrile, Neoprene and EPDM.

Flosteer High performances Butterfly Valves are also available with P.T.F.E. (PFA/FEP) lining and Nylon Coating.

Flosteer covers Pneumatic Rotary Actuator / Pneumatic Cylinder / Electrical Actuator operated valves along with accessories like Gear Box, Solenoid, Limit Switch, Valve Positioner, I/P Converter, Air Filter Regulator etc.

Butterfly Valve

Design Standard BS 5155/API 609
Inspection & Testing Standard BS 6755
Face To Face As Per ANSI B 16.10
End Connection Wafer Type, Flangeless
Suitable To Mount Between ANSI B 16.5/BS 10/DIN/IS Flange
Size Range ۱ ۱/۲″ To 40″
Pressure Rating ۱۵۰#


Body C.I. TO IS 210 GR. FG 200/220/250/260/Ductile Iron
ASTM A 351 GR. CF 8/CF 8M/CF 3/CF 3M
Disc C.I. TO IS 210 GR. FG 200/220/250/260/Ductile Iron
ASTM A 351 GR. CF 8/CF 8M/CF 3/CF 3M/With Nylon Coating
Spindle AISI 410/304/316/304L/316L
Body Liner Nitrile/EPDM/NBR/Neoprene/Viton/Silicon/Hypalon/P.T.F.E.
Gland Seal EPDM/Neoprene/Viton/Silicon/P.T.F.E.
شیرهای پروانه ای – Butterfly Valve